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Paige Dimakos



How long will the Warriors dynasty last?

Getting multiple superstars to buy into taking pay cuts and playing together to win titles sounds great in a utopian world. But we don’t live in Utopia and in our world egos exist and guys want to get paid.

After the latest Warriors title we’ve had a few clues as to who may decide they are not going to play along with this little game anymore.

Will it be Draymond Green? This summer, he is eligible for a three-year, $72 million extension that would start in 2020—21 that ESPN reports he’s planning to decline.

Will it be Kevin Durant? Awkward moment there between GM Bob Myers and KD. Will the “slim reaper” get tired of the “it’s Steph’s team” narrative? Maybe.

Or could it be Klay Thompson? Last week, Klay Thompson’s father, Mychal Thompson, said on 95.7 The Game that Klay would not sign the proposed extension.

Talking about this team staying together forever and winning title after title feels as if we put the cart before the horse. Assuming this team of guys would stay together forever seems almost ridiculous.
So enjoy the ride, Warriors fans. Nothing lasts forever.

Paige Dimakos is a Chicago girl living in Phoenix, Arizona. Her sports media career started in Lincoln, Nebraska where she attended college and covered the Nebraska football team. After starting her own sports website in Lincoln, she graduated and moved to Phoenix to work for Arizona Sports as a social media manager, video and radio host. She is now working at FRS Network where she continues to oversee social media while also hosting a daily sports video and multiple podcasts. Paige is waiting on the Bears to be good and making sure young people know Michael Jordan is the GOAT.