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Paige Dimakos



LeBron was winning by so many points last night that someone joked he might show up at the Met Gala.

So this got me thinking… what NBA players would show out at the Met Gala?

Best dressed couple: D-Wade + Gabrielle Union… I mean it doesn’t really get any better than these two and they know how to work a red carpet.

Worst dressed: Klay Thompson: Sorry Klay, the last photo shoot we saw you in was an epic fail.

Best without following the theme: LeBron James: LBJ is always well dressed and he’s The King, he’s not here for themes.

Best at following the theme: Kevin Love: Let’s be honest, K-Love is a rule follower and gets into themes.

And last but not least, most likely to snub another athlete/be petty: Russell Westbrook + KD. This would be an all-time red-carpet moment. Move over Rihanna, the kings of petty are here.

Who do you think would dominate the Met Gala? Hit me up and let me know your picks.

Paige Dimakos is a Chicago girl living in Phoenix, Arizona. Her sports media career started in Lincoln, Nebraska where she attended college and covered the Nebraska football team. After starting her own sports website in Lincoln, she graduated and moved to Phoenix to work for Arizona Sports as a social media manager, video and radio host. She is now working at FRS Network where she continues to oversee social media while also hosting a daily sports video and multiple podcasts. Paige is waiting on the Bears to be good and making sure young people know Michael Jordan is the GOAT.

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