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Who won The King’s Landing bracket?

Paige Dimakos



The King’s Landing bracket is finally complete! After weeks of voting, you the NBA fans decided where you think LeBron James should go in free agency. Which team did you pick? Watch the video above and find out.

Disagree with the result? Want a list of reasons why LeBron James should come to your team? Check out Zach Harper’s 30-part “Where will LeBron Go?” series here and find your team.

Paige Dimakos is a Chicago girl living in Phoenix, Arizona. Her sports media career started in Lincoln, Nebraska where she attended college and covered the Nebraska football team. After starting her own sports website in Lincoln, she graduated and moved to Phoenix to work for Arizona Sports as a social media manager, video and radio host. She is now working at FRS Network where she continues to oversee social media while also hosting a daily sports video and multiple podcasts. Paige is waiting on the Bears to be good and making sure young people know Michael Jordan is the GOAT.